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Who We Are

Moxie Create is a full-service creative agency running the gamut of specialties as we utilize the talents of fellow creative freelancers. With our wide-range of visual and conceptual skills, we will produce the perfect solution for your marketing needs, even if you’re working with a limited budget. We pride ourselves on our personal working relationships, professionalism, flexibility, technical expertise, and creativity. Drawing on our extensive experience working with both small and large companies we create unique and eye-catching print, web, and multimedia marketing projects. We are a Minneapolis-based creative agency that specializes in all things visual. We bring:

  • Over 15 years of creative experience
  • An extensive portfolio
  • Very affordable and competitive rates, no matter the project size

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The Types of Marketing Projects We Create

  • logos
  • branding
  • advertising
  • package design
  • brochures
  • promotional tools
  • publications
  • direct mail
  • website design
  • banner advertising
  • Power Point templates

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